Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I currently have six visible wounds on my body. Accompanying them are six stories. Today I told them all to Barret.

I'll just give a quick breakdown now:

1. somersault down a gravel mountainside.
2. slip in the shower/soapdish collision.
3. ankle roll/rugburn.
4. poolside slip/saved by the thumb.
5. whacked by a porta-potty.
6. banging in the kitchen.

I am losing control of my motor skills. I'm 23. The future is looking bad.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Day to Memorialize.

So I finished school and I don't have a job. That means that for me, every day is a play day. Very unfortunately, that's not true for everyone. Because today was a holiday, I took full advantage with my friends and had probably the best Memorial Day of my life.

It started out super early (seriously, 6 am?) with the Run of Remembrance in American Fork. One of us ran a 5K and one of us ran a 10K. I'll let you decide who did what. It went a lot better for me than I was expecting, since I've been the worst at running lately.

In the afternoon, the gang went up to Joey's house in Alpine (which was known to the combined Brown-Coppins-Finley family as the "summer home") and we had a barbecue! But we didn't just barbecue hamburgers and hot dogs. We grilled gourmet pizzas. We also played croquet, went swimming, and had a talent show.
 Since I have extremely talented friends, I would like to share the awards that were presented this afternoon. On the left, to Alyssa and Emily: Most Agile. On the top, to Joel, Andy, and Caleb: Most Musical Talent. And on the bottom, to Mare and Bear: Best Dance Moves, with an additional sub-award of best group name, since, come on, you can't beat rhymes.

Later this evening, I attended a banana boat/storytelling bonfire, and then made a very special music video. The music video will be explained further in my next post, which will also illuminate the mysterious #questforhappiness that has been haunting Twitter and Instagram in the past month.

I'm grateful for a fun day with my friends, and I'm grateful that there are always people and events to memorialize in my life.