A Day to Memorialize.

So I finished school and I don't have a job. That means that for me, every day is a play day. Very unfortunately, that's not true for everyone. Because today was a holiday, I took full advantage with my friends and had probably the best Memorial Day of my life.

It started out super early (seriously, 6 am?) with the Run of Remembrance in American Fork. One of us ran a 5K and one of us ran a 10K. I'll let you decide who did what. It went a lot better for me than I was expecting, since I've been the worst at running lately.

In the afternoon, the gang went up to Joey's house in Alpine (which was known to the combined Brown-Coppins-Finley family as the "summer home") and we had a barbecue! But we didn't just barbecue hamburgers and hot dogs. We grilled gourmet pizzas. We also played croquet, went swimming, and had a talent show.
 Since I have extremely talented friends, I would like to share the awards that were presented this afternoon. On the left, to Alyssa and Emily: Most Agile. On the top, to Joel, Andy, and Caleb: Most Musical Talent. And on the bottom, to Mare and Bear: Best Dance Moves, with an additional sub-award of best group name, since, come on, you can't beat rhymes.

Later this evening, I attended a banana boat/storytelling bonfire, and then made a very special music video. The music video will be explained further in my next post, which will also illuminate the mysterious #questforhappiness that has been haunting Twitter and Instagram in the past month.

I'm grateful for a fun day with my friends, and I'm grateful that there are always people and events to memorialize in my life.


  1. stop being the worst at running. be the best at running.


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