Thursday, December 29, 2011


Guys. I got straight A's! I kind of felt like that is something I shouldn't post about, because bragging never really suits anyone. But then I decided that since I really did work hard this semester and I really feel like what I produced deserves A's, it's okay to share my bliss.
I sacrificed a lot this semester. I guess that's something I felt like I had to come back from my mission with—the discipline to change some bad habits from pre-mission (procrastination, BS, an attitude of whatever-I-can-pump-out-in-one-night-goes) to good habits (Saturdays studying on campus, making sure I believe in the things I write about, multiple revisions of my papers including peer editing, doing reading and papers in manageable chunks). I learned so many important lessons that they should probably comprise their own post. But I'll just wrap up now.
This semester was hard, but now that I can see the end result, it was worth it. I guess THAT'S the takeaway message of this post.
It's worth it.
Love, Future Kami.

Friday, December 16, 2011

We love.

We love,
we give,
we die,
we go someplace,
we love.

—Bert Long

This is the name of a painting I saw in Nebraska. Kevin asked which was my favorite and I said this one and he asked why and I couldn't tell him. The truth is that it's because of the name. I just understand words do much better than paintings. And the concept captured in that title is absolutely perfect to me. We go someplace, and what's next? We love. We never stop.
Post coming soon about my New Year's Resolutions. This is going to be a good year! I must admit, however, that there was something so enjoyable about ringing in the new year in the middle of summer last year.
I REALLY miss warm weather. Bet you thought I was gonna say my mission, huh?
(okay that too)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

May your days be merry and bright.

a) Today I went Christmas caroling with llamas.
b)  On the way back we had to dance to this song.
c) And now I'm finally getting around to drafting probably the best paper I've ever had the idea to write in my college career.

Merry finals, everyone!