Monday, June 14, 2010


This week was bacan. That means cool in Chile, by the way. Everyone has been asking about the five baptism goal, so I´ll update you on that now. After the miracle of L [woman] last week, our hope in her has fallen a little. We could never teach her last week, we´d call and she´d say that she´d be there and then just not be there. And now she works Sunday mornings and every other day in the afternoon. Lame. BUT we have the two baptisms that we need in F [man] and A [woman], who are getting baptized the 26th of June. I only said a little about them last week, so I´ll explain more now.

Their mom is a member and hasn´t come to church for a few years, but she started coming about a month ago or so. Her husband is a member but he´s less active, aka never comes to church. She has two children: F is 18 and A is 13. We started teaching them and like the second lesson, after A had come to church for the first time, she said she wanted to be baptized because she felt really good in church and wants to be closer to God and just feels like it´s the right thing to do. Check. F said he hadn´t received an answer, but was willing to have lessons with us still.

This past Thursday we went over and were just going to finish the Plan of Salvation and we had a lesson planned for Felipe the next week where we were going to talk to him all about baptism and read from Mosiah 18 where it says something along the lines of if you´re willing to mourn with those that mourn and want to be counted in the fold of Jesus Christ, what´s stopping you from getting baptized. BUT we finished the Plan of Salvation talking about getting sealed in the temple as a family and A was like "Oh I didn´t know anything about this! Now I´m going to talk to my mom all the time about going to the temple so we can get sealed!" and F was really excited too and we asked what they were willing to do to live in the celestial kingdom and they were like everything we have to so we read that scripture with F and were like "if this is the desire of your heart, will you get baptized?" and he was like "yeah, I´ve been thinking that I want to get baptized actually" so we were like "On June 26th with your sister?" and he was like "yeah!" and we DIED. Seriously. Such a happy moment. I´m happy all over again thinking about it now. So they´ll get baptized the last week. That week is also ward conference, and here they have activities every day of the week leading up to the ward conference Sunday, so everyone is going to be all geared up for the baptism on Saturday. Ah, there is no greater joy! And they are soooo firm, they just really want to do what´s right. :)

We found 10 new investigators this week, which is a huge deal for us. One of them is J [man], who works in the restaurant of a member and has been reading the Principles of the Gospel book and has ALL THE DESIRE IN THE WORLD to get baptized. He´s really busy with two jobs but has committed to meeting with us Saturday mornings and Sundays right after church so he can be prepared to be baptized on July 3rd. Ah, we are going to be so busy but so happy for the rest of this transfer. Being a missionary is great. And it´s great even when we don´t have all the success in the world, because I am learning with increasing importance every day the blessings of the gospel and my responsibility in this work. I´ve never been happier and I´ve never been happier about the RIGHT things. Ah, it´s so great.

I´ve barely read your emails but from last week, Mom said that the area where McKay and Annie live now is a little "rough." I want to know what that means and then compare it to my life. I wonder how different it will be... But I won´t tell you anything because I know you´ll worry and just know that I´m not worried because the Lord protects us 100%.

Oh, a weirdy story from this past week. We were looking for an investigator the other day and she lives in this house with apparently a million other people (like everyone here) and she wasn´t home but a man from Venezuela who lives there and was like kind of suspicious when he asked us who we were looking for. Then HQ started the pitch, we´re missionaries and all that and because we have this new rule that we can´t teach people who convive (live together without being married-- in district meeting on Tuesday they told us that they don´t count as lessons, new investigators, or sacrament meeting attendance if they convive, so we have to find out in the first contact if they´re married) she asked if he lived there with his family. He said no, solo, and HQ asked if he was looking for a wife and he was like "Yeah, like her (pointing at me), I think the Lord sent me one" and I was soooooo creeped out and he touched my arm and I just didn´t say anything to him and when we left he shook our hands and while we were shaking hands he looked at it and was like "See, we´d make a good pair" and I wanted to SPRINT AWAY from there. Ughhhhh why are people so creepy here? Why do people love gringas? Why why why?!?!?!

That´s about all I have to say today. I hope you are planning on watching the Chile vs Honduras soccer game on Wednesday and I hope you´re rooting for Chile!!!! We have permission to watch it and a few others, so we´ll be together in a chapel Wednesday morning at 7:30 (5:30 am for you guys, haha) to watch it. Viva Chile!!
Love you all sooooo much :)
Hermana Coppins

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

week seven million or something like that

Okay, it´s finally getting cold here. And for weeks I´ve been walking around without a coat because yeah, I´m not cold when it´s 60 degrees. But all of a sudden it´s FREEZING and I wear a coat and my hands are always ice cream (helado) (also means cold) and everyone is noticing. Ha! Winter starts next month.

We had zone conference again this week. It was super good and we went out to work that night with all the excitement in the world. And a miracle occurred. We were looking for a woman in a house with a million rooms (they´re called piezas here and I´d say probably the majority of our sector is just people that rent rooms instead of having a house-- it makes it hard to teach men) and she wasn´t there but the woman who discovered that she wasn´t there wanted to talk to us so we started sharing the gospel with her. Her name is [Lucia] and she has been having dreams that Jesus is telling her to get baptized in a river and she knows she has to get baptized but she was waiting for the right time or something. Anyway, the lesson was incredible and she accepted our "conditional challenge" to be baptized on June 26th, the last week of our 3-month goal of 5 baptisms, if she received an answer. This means that she had to come to church the following 3 Sundays to have gone 3 times before she gets baptized, which is our rule. We taught some seriously good, powerful lessons this week. Saturday after lunch we started our fast. Our Zone Leaders decided that we should all fast for all the baptismal dates in our zone, and that they would all go to church on Sunday to be eligible to be baptized by the end of the month. We left Saturday afternoon for the worst day of working I´ve had here in the mission. NO ONE was home or wanted to talk to us. We went to every single person we planned, which is 22 people (two for each half hour of the day) and taught one lesson, with our beloved Susana and Miguel (the beloved part is sarcastic, by the way). She has decided that she´s going to live in Peru and leave him here. Ay.

Anyway, Saturday FINALLY, by some miracle, ended. We came home absolutely dead, but woke up Sunday with even more hope in our heart than the day before. We were supposed to have 6 investigators at church, and had made all the arrangements necessary-- phone calls, other people, etc. We went to pick up [Lucia]. Sick. Couldn´t come. Okay, not getting baptized on June 26th. Walk to church alone. Wait for Angel, Jessica, Nancy, Alison, and Felipe. They all didn´t come. We had ZERO investigators at church. How embarrassing! Miguel showed up, alone, without his member wife, and when I asked where she was he told me not to talk to him about her. Umm... awkward. But anyway, he is still slowly quitting smoking, and he knows he has to get baptized, so he will someday. We can´t waste our time teaching him like before, but when he´s ready he´ll let us know. So anyway, the weekend was a little disappointing after such an uplifting week. But we still have hope in Alison and Felipe, who are the children of a member, and have come to church before. Alison has already accepted to be baptized, and Felipe is less sure but we have faith! We will accomplish this goal of 5 baptisms!

I wore my contacts instead of my glasses on Wednesday for zone conference (for the first time here in Chile) and everyone thought I was someone else. Umm, do I really look THAT different with glasses? We encountered a member on the street later that day and she was like "Oh, do you have a new companion? Oh, she´s so blanquita y bonita (white and pretty)!" Umm, awkward. I wouldn´t be pretty if I wasn´t white? I´m not pretty with my glasses? Haha people here are so blunt.

HQ and I have started recording ridiculous videos of us singing hymns. Maybe sometime I´ll find a way to send them to you guys, but you probably won´t think they´re as funny as we do.

I don´t have much more to say today, sorry. But I love you guys! I hope you´re doing well, and I am certainly doing well here, but freezing all the time. :) Enjoy your summer.
Hermana Coppins

happy memorial day, apparently?

Okay, this week was the first one that kind of went by quickly. When I think back to last P-day, it feels SUPER long ago, but during the week we just did NOT have enough time to do everything! I´m not sure I´ll ever understand the people that say on P-day that they feel like it was just P-day though. Ay.

So we had our baptism on Saturday, by SOME miracle. We were crazy all week running around trying to do everything for it. We reviewed the questions for the interview like 20 times because we were afraid that it would be hard for her to understand when it was just the District Leader, who she´s never met, and her alone. The pre-interview didn´t go amazingly well, but she seemed to be much better during the last week. In the end, we were all present (Hermana Quiroz, me, the DL, his companion, her daughter, who´s the member who she lives with, and the woman who takes care of her, Yesica) for the interview and it went well. Coordinating the schedule for the baptism was another huge challenge. At first her daughter and son-in-law wanted to have it "early," so we planned it for 4, but then they told us they wanted it in the middle of the day, like at 2, no at 12, no at 11, no at 11:30. So we tell everyone 11:30. But then they´re remodeling our chapel, so they didn´t know if it would be done by Saturday morning, so we´re thinking about having it in the stake center. In the end, it was in our chapel, but we didn´t know until like 7 pm on Friday night, and this woman who said she would call a bunch of people to inform them never called. So the RS president, with the baptismal clothing, didn´t show up. We called her, she wasn´t home, so we went to her house to retrieve the clothing and her non-member husband begrudgingly gave it to us. They were planning on having 3 men in the font to help baptize her, but then they decided they needed 4, because she has a catheter and they needed someone to hold it up (?!??!?! what a horrible job!). So the whole bishopric, her son-in-law and her were all in the font, all in white. It was quite a job to get her all the way under the water with all those people, and she was crying and her son-in-law was telling her not to cry, and we were all trying not to laugh... a sight I will never, ever forget. But in the end, she stopped crying and was super happy, and when Hermano Donoso carried her out of the font and the floor was soaking wet with all the men standing there waiting to change in the one-person bathroom, she had the hugest smile on her face. Oh, our lives. I have a picture that eventually I´ll send to you. It´s priceless.
I don´t have much other exciting news from this week. Our zone´s numbers for the last week on contacts and new investigators are phenomenal. Our numbers for baptismal dates and baptisms are the worst in the mission. The whole freaking world "convive," which means lives together without being married. It´s a problem. But! HQ was studying the story of the house of Israel the other day and then we started talking about how Moses died instead of entering the promised land and we learned a super important lesson about obedience that I´m going to share with all of you.
So in Numbers 20:8 (I´m using all these scriptures from memory, so I hope they´re more or less right) the Lord commands Moses to speak to a rock to bring forth water. In verse 11, he smites the rock to bring forth water. In Deuteronomy 32:50-52 more or less, the Lord tells Moses that because of his transgression that day, he will see the promised land but will never enter it. In Deuteronomy 34:5 or 6, he sees the promised land and dies. But! He actually doesn´t die, he´s translated. We know this from a) a footnote and b) the Bible Dictionary, which informs us that because he appeared at the Mount of Transfiguration, before Jesus Christ was resurrected, he couldn´t have been a resurrected being, so he must have been a translated being (how lucky for HQ that I have the scriptures in English, because this appears nowhere in Spanish). So, the lesson we learn is that everyone, even the greatest prophet of Israel (see summary of Deut. 34) sins. And he repented, so he was translated and surely will attain/has attained eternal life. But, because of his (slight) disobedience, he missed out on a major blessing in his life, aka, attaining the promised land. So, if obedience brings us blessings, lack of obedience causes lack of blessings. We started thinking long and hard about what blessings we were missing out on for our little, tiny "lack of obediences" and recommitted to being obedient with exactness. It´s been great so far.

I hope you´re having fun on your vacation, and I´m still waiting to hear from McKay... I love you, have a good week! Oh, and my package arrived last week and I got it today! Yippee! Haven´t really looked in yet, but thank you thank you thank you! You´re the best.
Anxiously waiting to hear about Chase´s mission call...