Friday, April 28, 2017

April Cookbook Club

April was Mary's pick and with some heavy influencing from Jared, she chose The Tucci Table. Jared also developed a Stanley Tucci-themed trivia night for the club which was so fun but so hard.

Jared made Tuscan tomato soup and lemon butter asparagus.

Travis and Katie made quinoa salad (he loves that stuff) with feta/pomegranate/pistachio, cauliflower steaks, and carrot cake.

Mary made grilled cheese sandwiches as an appetizer and they were so fun.

I made a sausage roll (very GBBO inspired).

Dinesh made homemade BBQ chicken wings and onion rings, which were delicious and fun to make from scratch.

Hanna made blondies (so gooey).

Kelly made raspberry ripple lemon cake.

Note: Mary won trivia, which is fitting, since apparently Stanley Tucci is her man.

March Cookbook Club

March was Travis's pick of cookbook, and he decided on Oprah's Weight Watchers-inspired book, Food, Health, and Happiness.

Mary made red pepper/sausage/fennel soup that was kind of DIY for assembly, which was cool, because it meant you could control the flavors/level of spice.

Kelly made corn chowder that was supposed to be DIY but she said screw that and put everything in the soup. It was so so good. She also made "skinny" cornbread that tasted a little skinny.

Dinesh made an Indian pumpkin curry (with butternut squash instead) that called for a million spices and luckily his roommates had them that we could borrow. Worth it.

I made "unfried" chicken (breaded with almond flour, spices, and parmesan and baked in the oven) and Vietnamese chicken salad. Salad needed more flavor I think.

Jared went rogue and brought zucchini bread not from the cookbook.

Travis and Katie brought spiced applesauce minicakes (I think those are called muffins), breakfast cookies, and quinoa salad.