Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ever seen the Northwestern US? I have.

I'm mostly updating my blog because Jessie made me feel guilty, and this is my first update with pictures! So it's basically a miracle. These are some pictures from the roadtrip, from when I finally started taking pictures. This first photo is from Kerbyville, Oregon, which is one of my favorite places ever! They had a treehouse store and a pick-your-own-flowers field, so we got a bouquet for SUPER cheap. It was great.
Then we went to the Oregon Caves but I didn't get any incredible pictures there, so let's skip to the redwood forests. This picture may be ultra cheesy, but that's how happy I was to be there! We love nature.
Later that day we made it to Crescent City. We were going to watch the sunset, but then it was SUPER foggy so we couldn't see it. But this is the greatest place. I love the ocean and lighthouses and fog. Beautiful.
Then we went to San Francisco, and one night after eating at the delicious House of Nanking, while walking back to our hotel we found this incredible bookstore-- City Lights Books. It was an independent bookstore with all these different rooms and "Poetry Upstairs" and quotes everywhere and I loved it. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities.
THEN I went to Denver for Amy's wedding, which was great. We were staying in Estes Park, where the reception was, and it was another beautiful mountain-forest and Amy looked great and I made a toast and mentioned Hungry Hungry Hippos. It was the end of BANK, but it was a good end.

So, this trip was great. Now I'm back in Provo, I spent all day Monday moving [big thanks to Jessie and Dillon and Mark for helping me, it would have been a nightmare alone] and I started running again and I'm trying to enjoy the last week and a half of summer. But fall is going to be great, I've got a feeling. Maybe I'll upload some more pictures from the summer later. We'll see.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

On the Road Again.

I'm back on the road, and that means I'm back to blogging. My family is currently on a roadtrip, commenced yesterday, lasting through Friday. Our main stops are the Oregon Caves, the redwood forests, and San Francisco. After that, I'm off to Denver for Amy's wedding, while the fam drives back.

We stayed the first night in Winnemucca. Our roadside motel, Town Home Motel, deemed "cool" by my dad, had 4.5 stars from reviewers, and was pretty clean. Another plus was having three rooms-- one for my parents, one for the newlyweds, and one for the single kids. Pretty sure we went to bed earlier than anyone else.

We ate dinner at a Basque restaurant, which, if you've read any of my blog previously, you know comes from a northern region of Spain. Apparently a bunch of Basque sheepherders migrated to Winnemucca a long time ago, and in the spirit of their memory, the town houses three Basque restaurants. We went to one with HUGE portions, and that, along with the actual food, reminded me of every lunch we ate in our Spanish home. Soup, salad and bread was our first course; it was very typical. I ordered Solomo, which I was happy to find was exactly like the pork fillets we commonly had. There were also HUGE side dishes, and we didn't even get close to finishing all the food. Everyone else was pretty apathetic about the food, but I went away thoroughly satisfied.

This morning we left Winnemucca and started the journey to Grant's Pass, where we're staying tonight. After breakfast we left to look for a ghost town that my dad had looked up. It's called Paradise Valley, and it wasn't entirely abandoned, but there were a few abandoned buildings that scared the crap out of me. In the doorway we walked in there was a cat eating a bird, which grossed me out for the whole journey through the house. There were tons of beds covered in plastic, old bicycles, and magazines from July 2008. Hadn't been abandoned for long, apparently. After that Chase and I went to explore the cellar, which had dirt floors and some nice skylights, provided by someone falling through the floor above. There were vultures flying in and out of the building next door, and just a general creepy feeling. The good news is that my family got to experience more fully just what it's like to be the Brady Bunch.

Thanks to a wi-fi connection in the car, I'm blogging from the drive. We just left Denio Junction, which provided us with a bathroom, milkshakes, and a special feeling for my mom, whose mom's maiden name is Denio. The drive is pretty and I'll keep you posted on anymore exciting happenings!