Thursday, November 29, 2012

A List of Do Nots to Stay Warm with PJ

1. Do not get into my car unless you are already warm. Stand by a fire, lean against a radiator, rub your hands together to create some friction—do whatever you have to do, but make sure your body heat is raging before you leave the house to get into my car.

2. Do not allow your body to lose its heat. Fleece and wool are particularly helpful in this aspect.
2a. There is one fleece blanket already in the car that will cover the driver (me) and the front-seat passenger. If you will be riding in the back, bring your own. The m&m costume in the trunk is available, but I can't vouch for its warmth.
2b. I'm serious about the wool. Wool socks (make sure your feet are already warm before putting them on) and wool mittens (same). I also recommend a wool sweater and a coat. And boots. The boots don't have to be wool.

3. Do not stop singing and preferably dancing. Songs you love and know the words to will distract you from the fact that you will be able to see your breath. Dancing creates more body heat, of course, and is also fun.

4. Do not roll down the window or leave the door open for more time than necessary. If you are a passenger, do not get impatient waiting outside because I really do have to unlock my door, get in and shut the door, and then lean over to open yours. Jump or skip or run during this time to not lose the body heat you must preserve.
4a. Once we have arrived at our destination, do not feel like you have to wait for me to lock and unlock my door from the inside several times in order to get out before you do. If you want to wait inside the car you may, but you can also get out and start running toward shelter and warmth and I won't care.

5. Do not complain. I know that it's freezing and that my car jerks every time I stop and then have to go again and I know it's loud and I know it's hard to get into and out of the back. But chances are I'm doing you a favor by driving you somewhere, so let's just have fun.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One Thing

My team at work just started a One Thing competition. Daily, we email our managers to state what the One most important Thing we will do that day is, who we need help from, and which key performance indicator it applies to. We have to determine and declare it by 10 am, and we have to report back before midnight whether or not we completed it. We get points for sending the emails and we get (fewer) points for being needed by someone else. After one month, the first, second, and third place employees get CA$H PRIZE$. I was doing pretty well until I forgot to report yesterday, and I'm afraid I've fallen behind. We still have two weeks, so I might be able to make it up.

This system has started to make its way into my out-of-office life. Although I don't have much time after work, and a big chunk of the time I do have is spent thinking about what I'm going to eat/preparing something to eat/actually eating, once in a while I have one goal that I want to accomplish and I focus my attention on that. I have no manager to report to (speaking of, I guess I can get a free life coach through my work. I'm thinking about it), so sometimes my One Thing isn't very life-altering.

Today, for example, the One Thing I chose to accomplish was determine the identity* of the 801 number who texted me "Hey what's up?" at 8:11 am EST. There are no key performance indicators for that.

Maybe I'll get that life coach after all.

*I did it, by the way. It was this person (see Friday's thorn).