This week was bacan. That means cool in Chile, by the way. Everyone has been asking about the five baptism goal, so I´ll update you on that now. After the miracle of L [woman] last week, our hope in her has fallen a little. We could never teach her last week, we´d call and she´d say that she´d be there and then just not be there. And now she works Sunday mornings and every other day in the afternoon. Lame. BUT we have the two baptisms that we need in F [man] and A [woman], who are getting baptized the 26th of June. I only said a little about them last week, so I´ll explain more now.

Their mom is a member and hasn´t come to church for a few years, but she started coming about a month ago or so. Her husband is a member but he´s less active, aka never comes to church. She has two children: F is 18 and A is 13. We started teaching them and like the second lesson, after A had come to church for the first time, she said she wanted to be baptized because she felt really good in church and wants to be closer to God and just feels like it´s the right thing to do. Check. F said he hadn´t received an answer, but was willing to have lessons with us still.

This past Thursday we went over and were just going to finish the Plan of Salvation and we had a lesson planned for Felipe the next week where we were going to talk to him all about baptism and read from Mosiah 18 where it says something along the lines of if you´re willing to mourn with those that mourn and want to be counted in the fold of Jesus Christ, what´s stopping you from getting baptized. BUT we finished the Plan of Salvation talking about getting sealed in the temple as a family and A was like "Oh I didn´t know anything about this! Now I´m going to talk to my mom all the time about going to the temple so we can get sealed!" and F was really excited too and we asked what they were willing to do to live in the celestial kingdom and they were like everything we have to so we read that scripture with F and were like "if this is the desire of your heart, will you get baptized?" and he was like "yeah, I´ve been thinking that I want to get baptized actually" so we were like "On June 26th with your sister?" and he was like "yeah!" and we DIED. Seriously. Such a happy moment. I´m happy all over again thinking about it now. So they´ll get baptized the last week. That week is also ward conference, and here they have activities every day of the week leading up to the ward conference Sunday, so everyone is going to be all geared up for the baptism on Saturday. Ah, there is no greater joy! And they are soooo firm, they just really want to do what´s right. :)

We found 10 new investigators this week, which is a huge deal for us. One of them is J [man], who works in the restaurant of a member and has been reading the Principles of the Gospel book and has ALL THE DESIRE IN THE WORLD to get baptized. He´s really busy with two jobs but has committed to meeting with us Saturday mornings and Sundays right after church so he can be prepared to be baptized on July 3rd. Ah, we are going to be so busy but so happy for the rest of this transfer. Being a missionary is great. And it´s great even when we don´t have all the success in the world, because I am learning with increasing importance every day the blessings of the gospel and my responsibility in this work. I´ve never been happier and I´ve never been happier about the RIGHT things. Ah, it´s so great.

I´ve barely read your emails but from last week, Mom said that the area where McKay and Annie live now is a little "rough." I want to know what that means and then compare it to my life. I wonder how different it will be... But I won´t tell you anything because I know you´ll worry and just know that I´m not worried because the Lord protects us 100%.

Oh, a weirdy story from this past week. We were looking for an investigator the other day and she lives in this house with apparently a million other people (like everyone here) and she wasn´t home but a man from Venezuela who lives there and was like kind of suspicious when he asked us who we were looking for. Then HQ started the pitch, we´re missionaries and all that and because we have this new rule that we can´t teach people who convive (live together without being married-- in district meeting on Tuesday they told us that they don´t count as lessons, new investigators, or sacrament meeting attendance if they convive, so we have to find out in the first contact if they´re married) she asked if he lived there with his family. He said no, solo, and HQ asked if he was looking for a wife and he was like "Yeah, like her (pointing at me), I think the Lord sent me one" and I was soooooo creeped out and he touched my arm and I just didn´t say anything to him and when we left he shook our hands and while we were shaking hands he looked at it and was like "See, we´d make a good pair" and I wanted to SPRINT AWAY from there. Ughhhhh why are people so creepy here? Why do people love gringas? Why why why?!?!?!

That´s about all I have to say today. I hope you are planning on watching the Chile vs Honduras soccer game on Wednesday and I hope you´re rooting for Chile!!!! We have permission to watch it and a few others, so we´ll be together in a chapel Wednesday morning at 7:30 (5:30 am for you guys, haha) to watch it. Viva Chile!!
Love you all sooooo much :)
Hermana Coppins

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