Cookbook Club Catchup: May - October

I lost track of blog posts this summer, but I want to be able to remember all the cookbooks we have cooked from and their notable recipes, so here is a quick blitz of what we've cooked in the last sixth months.

100% Real by Sam Talbot, picked by Dinesh. Featuring trivia about our past cookbook club authors and books and dishes.

Kelly made candied turnips and sweet potatoes with yuzu sauce and sweet potato hashbrown open-faced sandwiches.

Dinesh made shakshuka and apples foster with a whiskey caramel sauce.

Jared made white bean and cilantro hummus and mac and cheese (which was called shells and cheese with peas).

I made avocado and melon morning lassi, cinnamon and coconut chickpeas, and maple and turmeric marinated pork chops.

Mary made quinoa and vegetable salad with chicken.

Hanna made jerk chicken and pineapple.

Travis and Katie made chicken sticks with zucchini and apples, grilled squash with pine nuts, and frozen honey mousse with lime.

Family Table by Michael Romano and Karen Stabiner. Katie's pick, and her last cookbook club before leaving Boston to get married!

I made Thai beef and Asian broccoli.

Dinesh made a ham and cheese frittata and pushcart chicken.

Jared made orzo salad and a bell pepper panzanella.

Katie made a tomato panzanella that won the night and I have made more than once since then. She also made spiced eggplant

Travis made coconut cake that was gooooood and macaroni and cheese.

Kelly made lemon bars and cherry limeade.

Hanna made apple cheddar crisp that was so interesting and good.

Love and Lemons by Jeanine Donofrio, which we had been waiting MONTHS to cook from.

Travis (now acting alone because Katie had moved home to prepare for the wedding) made chipotle apple guacamole and coconut rice with brussels sprouts.

Jared made lemon rosemary roasted potatoes and cucumber and basil watermelon salad.

Hanna made veggie ceviche and grilled Mexican corn salad (always a winner).

Dinesh made a red pepper feta frittata.

Kelly made avocado strawberry caprese.

Mary made avocado breakfast tacos.

I made apple radish slaw (had to use up my radishes from my CSA somehow), a brussels sprouts and cranberry salad, and summer squash succotash.

Summer recess-- no cooking.

The Dead Celebrity Cookbook, by F. A. De Caro. This was Mary's pick for her birthday cookbook club celebration, and we maybe regretted it a little bit. Turns out people used to know nothing about flavor (besides mayonnaise and onions).

Jared made deviled eggs and quiche lorraine (so heavy on the onions LOL).

Kelly made banana pudding.

Hanna made zucchini bread.

Dinesh made scotch eggs.

Paige made cheese and olive puffs.

I made paella!

Mary made spicy cornbread and a lime tart.

Weston made carbonara.

Hanna wanted Halloween cookbooks, so we used The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Bucholz and Love At First Bite by Michelle Roy Kelly (which was maybe supposed to be the Twilight cookbook but I got the wrong one from the library? Hard to know).

I made pumpkin pasties from HP and killer chili from the vampire book.

Hanna made fruit pizza in the adorable shape of a pumpkin and fiesta casserole.

Mary made meat and potato pot pies from HP.

Jared made mac and cheese and pumpkin soup.

Eric brought butterbeer!!!!!! and sweet potato fries.

Grace brought tortellini "by twilight" (?) and also a cake that I guess Eric mostly made.

Kelly made "come closer kumquat pie" but actually with clementines instead of kumquats.

Weston brought nachos.

I keep meaning to take pictures of the food for the blog posts but the lighting is so bad in our kitchen at night and it's hard when we just want to eat it all!!!!! It's something to aspire to, I guess.


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