What is the perfect song to roller skate, dance, sing, and work out to?

It would definitely have to be this one.

Let's just say that last night after finishing two pretty tough Body Rock workouts, we (Cambrie, Katie, Jessie and I) forced ourselves to continue dance-jumping until the end of the song. It had just started. It was definitely worth it.

Watch this video. Then watch it again. The third time, try to mimic the moves (believe me, you'll want to). Then, after you've watched it a sufficient number of times, watch this video.

Then you'll understand what my life is like these days.


  1. Oh man. That just made me super happy. And made me miss 'show me love' :) good times

  2. seriously. an obvious connection to the dance moves and the lyrics.

  3. That is the best spoof ever. And I love that song. Robyn always and forever.


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