Summer Reading Update: June

Since the beginning of June, I have read 18 of the books from my list, plus 5 audiobooks that I didn't have on my list. I requested a bunch of audiobooks from the library a while ago and while I was making my summer reading list, none of them seemed close to being delivered to me, but then they all came in at once and I had been waiting so long that I just had to listen to them right away. So, I'm just over 1/3 of the way through the summer, 23 books deep, with 28 more to go. I think I'm good.

I have started adding quick reviews to my Goodreads, so if you want more info, check out what I had to say over there.

Books I Loved
  • The Wednesday Wars
  • This Is How It Always Is
  • Come As You Are

Books I Liked
  • Lunar Chronicles series
  • SuperBetter
  • The Crossover
  • All American Boys
  • Paths of Glory
  • A Man Called Ove
  • When Dimple Met Rishi
  • Lara Jean series

Books I Thought Were Okay
  • Lab Girl
  • Things Fall Apart
  • The Price of Inequality
  • You Are a Badass
  • Charms for the Easy Life
  • Scrappy Little Nobody

I'm leaving tomorrow to go to Scotland and I am committing to Outlander, which is quite a hefty book, while I'm there. I have both the audiobook and a hard copy, so I'm hoping that with dedication and the additional fun of the book being set in Scotland, I will return in a week with another book checked off my list.