January Cookbook Club

In January I checked out 7 of Ina Garten's cookbooks from the library to make a Barefoot Contessa feast. We ended up using recipes from only 4 of them, which I guess means we'll have to come back to her recipes at some point.

While flipping through, it seemed like the majority of her recipes involved seafood (which we mostly don't like) and/or alcohol (which we don't drink). There was also the added complication of Whole30, which I was following during this month. Luckily, however, we ended up with some delicious food, as always.

Travis and Katie balsamic roasted beef and guacamole salad (which was SO flavorful).

I made kale chips and a mustard chicken salad.

Dinesh made tortilla soup (no tortillas though. #Whole30).

Jared made herb-marinated pork loin which might have been the most delicious meat I have ever eaten in my life. He also made garlic roasted cauliflower.

Mary made orange braised parsnips and carrots (thank you to her for the veggies).

Hanna and Kelly handled the desserts (chocolate caramel and salted caramel), which I didn't try, so I can't comment on them, but they were definitely popular.

I couldn't check out her new book, Cooking for Jeffrey, because it was too popular, but I have heard amazing things, so we'll be back, Ina Garten!!