February Cookbook Club

We had to do an early cookbook club this month because lots of us will be traveling later in the month. It took forever to settle on a date, but we ended up doing it last night, which made it probably my most delicious anti-Super Bowl party ever.

Note: it was only an anti-Super Bowl party for me, because I didn't/don't watch the Super Bowl. Other members of the club did watch it.

We used the cookbook Date Night In, which features seasonal menus to cook together with a date. We didn't really end up cooking with dates, and definitely didn't follow all the seasons designated for the menus, but we did have a ton of delicious food, as always.

Jared made WINGS (because Super Bowl), pickled celery, and wedge salads (kind of. We had to assemble our own and they didn't all end up in wedges). Kelly made a rainbow chip birthday cake (everything from scratch, including the sprinkles).

Travis and Katie (maybe the only ones who actually used this cookbook club as an opportunity for a date) made a leek/bacon/ricotta tart (OMG so delicious), an endive salad, and Nutella ice cream (no ice cream maker required, so I need to get on that).

Hanna made pizza with sausage and ricotta and bittersweet chocolate brownies with peanut butter frosting.

Mary made a salad with Brussels sprouts, feta, leeks, and grapes.

Dinesh and I made sausage patties (which were seriously delicious and I will make them again and again), baked eggs, and croissant French toast.

Until next time, Cookbook Club.