2017 Resolutions!

Like I said, I am a goal person. I know a lot of people hate on New Year's Resolutions, but I like them and I'll never stop making them. Making goals for myself is how I show that I think my life matters.

I read Better than Before this year and learned some interesting things about myself and the way I set goals and create habits. I am an Upholder, meaning I am a rule-follower and I follow expectations, whether they are set for me or I set them for myself. However, I am also somewhat of an Obliger. I will always do things for other people, and having a person to keep me accountable is just what I need when my Upholder tendencies start falling away. I am also an Abstainer, not a Moderator, which means it's easier for me to give up things completely than indulge in them in moderation. I don't have a moderation setting. I am an all or nothing person.

I made some goals for this year taking into account these distinctions about myself, and I'm excited about all of them! I read some good advice that you shouldn't make goals/resolutions that you're not excited about, and I think that's a good point. Forcing yourself to do something you don't want to do is the worst. So, either find a way to be excited about it or cut it out!

Here are my 11 resolutions for the year!

1. Read 100 books. I didn't set a number last year until late in the game and I could have been working smarter the whole time to accomplish it. This year I will.
2. Start a savings account. My financial situation is kind of embarrassing, mostly because I have a checking account in Utah and a Banana Republic credit card and that's it. But I have a savings goal in mind and I'm gonna figure it out!
3. Figure out MY Food Freedom. I have done a million different food plans and I keep doing them because I like to try things so I can know what works for my body but eventually I want to just figure it out. And this year I have a different food plan for each month and I'm gonna journal the hell out of it so I can actually see how I feel and what's gonna work long-term. I'm starting with #JanuaryWhole30 (my third round)!
4. Personal training. I signed up with my gym and committed through June, and if it's great I'll continue. I can usually get myself to go to the gym, but the Obliger part of my personality needs someone to tell me what to do there. I'm looking forward to getting stronger and healthier.
5. Keep track of the good things that happen to me. I always see ideas like "put a slip of paper in a jar when something good happens and read them on New Year's Eve" and I want to do them but I never have. I've had a half-assed planner system ever since my mission (and maybe even before) where I recorded some things, but it was sporadic. I want to commit to remembering the good parts of my life. I have a fairly good memory and can often recall things that others can't, and I want this to be a way to maximize that.
6. Figure out my beauty routine. I'm not someone who tries really hard to be pretty, which most of the time works for me. But sometimes I want to be pretty, and I need to do the steps regularly that will allow that (wash my face, have the right hair products, grow my eyelashes, etc.). I started getting a monthly Birchbox last year and it's so fun but there are definitely a few areas that I haven't even tapped into, and I want to start.
7. Finish 15 post-masters-degree credits. My school district pay scale increases for every 15 credits after a masters degree, and I've been working on those credits for a while so it's time to actually finish and get paid for them. I'm working on a class right now and then I'll need one more 3-credit class.
8. Watch all 48 animated Disney movies with Dinesh. I've seen most of them already, but a lot I haven't seen since I was a kid, and he hasn't seen almost any of them! We've been watching together and it's so fun (except some of the early ones are so bad).
9. Commit to the life-changing magic of tidying up. I've done a lot but I haven't completely committed to the process and so there's always more to do. I want to get to a good clutter-free place this year.
10. Engage with the Savior daily. This hasn't been my strength lately but I want it to be. It doesn't have to be as complicated as it seems, so I'm starting small and feeling good.
11. Be okay with being alone. Whoaaaaa I know, so much vulnerability. I'm definitely an extrovert, but I also think sometimes I use that as an excuse for desperately craving validation and not wanting to face myself. So I'm working on strategies for being comfortable spending an evening or a day or a weekend (okay, that will probably never happen) by myself.

I'll be tracking these things to measure my progress and also to constantly remind myself that these are things I want to work on. Looking forward to continuing my growth this year!