December Cookbook Club

For December we did the Smitten Kitchen cookbook/blog and as always it was an absolutely delicious evening.

Jared made a potato frittata with SO MUCH DELICIOUS FETA in it.

Kelly made a salad with shaved Brussels sprouts and pomegranate seeds (we found an excellent method for getting the seeds out if you're interested) and pickled onion AND she made cranberry scones.

Hanna made brown butter and sea salt rice krispy treats and POPCORN COOKIES that were transformative. They're like chocolate chip cookies but instead of chocolate you mix in buttered popcorn. Yes.

Dinesh made baked potato crisps topped with bacon and cheese and chives and sour cream and that's the way I want to eat potatoes from now on.

Travis made sweet peas and shells with alfredo sauce and apple cider caramels that tasted like fall and we need them again.

I made a butternut squash and caramelized onion galette that was tasty but it was all in the crust. That crust was a game-changer. I think I'm realizing that I don't love butternut squash so I would try the same thing again with other veggies. I also made this gooey cinnamon squares that SOUND like they're rice krispy treats made with cinnamon toast crunch but actually they're like snickerdoodle bars kind of. I think I overbaked them which is a huge sin in my book and they're actually the only thing that didn't get entirely eaten.

Smitten Kitchen is the bomb and I love that we do this every month and I'm finally realizing that if I cooked delicious food more often then I could be as happy as cookbook club night on the reg. I'll try it out.