2016's Resolutions

I am a goal person. I love making goals and I love the satisfaction that comes with accomplishing them. I have done some pretty awesome stuff just by making it a goal (the best one ever was to run a marathon!!!!). However, that does not mean I am immune to the typical New Year's resolutions problems. I set some goals for 2016 that I didn't quite accomplish, and I'm here to report on them.

Resolution #1: Eat more vegetables than treats.
What I didn't do: Track it well enough to actually have a number on that for the whole year. I started off strong, and had periods throughout the year of tracking my food where I was more mindful and it worked, but then a lot of the year I just threw that out the window and probably ate more treats than vegetables, whoops.
What I did do: Eat so many vegetables! I signed up for a weekly CSA box this summer (June through October) and it was SO good at getting me to eat fresh, organic, local, bright, delicious produce. I am definitely going to sign up again this summer. I also got really into cookbooks, including a lot of vegetable-centered ones, so I'm looking forward to diving in.

Resolution #2: Track my spending habits and make a budget.
What I didn't do: That. At all. I signed up for Mint but could never actually get it to work so I didn't even get to the tracking part of this goal. And I didn't even take a stab at a budget. Again, whoops.
What I did: Make enough money that I always have a lot left over in my checking account every month. I pay off my credit card bill with plenty to spare and I don't have to worry about surprise costs. Next step: a savings account (LOL).

Resolution #3: Monthly book club with my dad.
What I didn't do: Do this for 12 months. There were about 4 months when we read the same book and 3 times that we got together to talk about it. My dad stopped listening to audiobooks as much as he used to so that kind of shut down the plan, and he didn't really love my suggestions either.
What I did: Read about 100 books! Including a bunch of them over the summer. I have really put reading on the back burner for the last few years but this year I kicked it into gear and read a lot of books, including a bunch of rereads that were wonderful and a bunch of new books that changed my life! I didn't really start reading fervently until mid-February so I know I can do better.

Resolution #4: Have a weekly step average of 10,000/day.
What I didn't do: Surpass a step average of 7,000! Again, a big whoops. I started and then gave up habits that I intended to help meet this goal a million times this year, but the truth is that I hardly get any steps during the day at school because my school is tiny and I never leave my classroom and then after school I do everything but walk around.
What I did do: Exercise a lot! I had a really great active summer, including a million kayaking days and hikes and a trail Ragnar (which was OMG SO HARD) and then in the fall I got into a really good groove of going to the gym three times a week. And I committed to personal training through the month of June. I'm gonna figure this exercise thing out.

I have a lot of goals for 2017 and I have been really excited about them! I'm not on team 2016-was-the-worst-year-ever (except for the election UGH) but I am on team hopeful-for-2017 because I've never been not hopeful for a new year before and honestly, I don't have anything to complain about in my life. Is 10 resolutions too many? We'll see.