Cookbook Club Round Two

For October's cookbook club we did It's All Easy by Gwyneth Paltrow. I wasn't as wowed by all the recipes initially as I was with Cravings, but luckily everything turned out super delicious anyway. There were some weird ingredients we had to buy, but now we have them so we can make everything again!

Here's the rundown:

Travis made Moroccan chicken salad wraps. They tasted like Morocco in a good way.

Dinesh made zucchini and leek soup. It was really simple but surprisingly flavorful (okay, and too spicy for some of our friends).

Kelly made carbonara which was seriously stressful mostly because the water for the pasta wouldn't boil for 40 minutes. Once it did finally boil it was so delicious.

Mary made chicken chow mein, which was a real winner. If it was actually less than 30 minutes, that would be a great alternative to take out (which I never really do anyway).

Hanna made taquitos which were so cute and fun! And there was a really delicious salsa that went along with them.

Jared made fattoush salad, falafel, and cilantro hummus, which were all SO GOOD, especially together. Also, he now has a food processor which is a miracle for all of us.

I made cauliflower mac and cheese which called for three kinds of cheese (cheddar, gruyere, and parmesan) and also fooled everyone into thinking there were no veggies. I also made this roasted beet and blue cheese salad (I love blue cheese for these things!) that I was nervous about because it called for radicchio and endives and hazelnut oil and specifically 9-minute eggs, but it turned out well.

We also had dessert this time, which was nice but almost too much because we were sooooo full. Travis made his famous pumpkin bread, Kelly made s'mores bars, and Hanna actually made a dessert from the book (coconut key lime tarts). Hanna's was gluten-free and vegan and paleo and it was good for being gluten-free and vegan and paleo.

Jared's parents came and I think they were impressed with the quality of the food and also that this is something we regularly do. Here's to impressing parents and eating a full, complete dinner at least once a month!