CSA Post!

Okay I have terribly lost track of my CSA weeks and I haven't posted anything in forever which I'm actually sad about because I really wanted to keep track of recipes I liked.

I've decided to eat salads every day for lunch at school. This is good for a few reasons:
1. I can mass buy/prep a bunch of salad stuff and then just assemble it the night before, rather than having to cook something every night to eat for lunch.
2. Salads are healthy, duh.
3. I use up a lot of my CSA greens/other veggies doing this.
4. They can actually be good as long as I put enough stuff in them.
5. It's easy and it's a good habit (I'm listening to a book about habits (see some book post in the future where I'll discuss it) and I hope to be able to maintain it.

Most of the salads I have eaten so far have been okay, not great. But today's salad is a real winner! So I gotta remember it.

Cabbage + radishes (from CSA! yay!) + cashews + chicken thigh (that I rubbed with salt and garlic powder then seared on each side in a really hot cast iron pan) + sesame seeds (that I purchased because I wanted poppy seeds and the store didn't have any). The dressing was rice vinegar + toasted sesame oil + a little olive oil + sriracha + salt/pepper. This was GOOD. The kick from sriracha was perfect. The texture was crunchy and great. I wanted to add mango but my mango wasn't ripe yet, so I'll make this salad again once it is.

Other things I've made recently that I've liked:
BKT: toasted sourdough bread, spread with goat cheese, topped with kale leaves, sliced tomato sprinkled with salt, and crispy bacon. OMG. Heaven in a sandwich.
Beet chips: slice thinly, sweat them out with salt, bake (for not too long cause otherwise they'll get burnt and luckily Dinesh will eat them anyway but it'll be a little sad)

Also I have been dreaming about making zucchini carbonara (I got a super awesome spiralizer and I LOVE it) but the farm isn't harvesting anymore zucchini so to try it I might have to buy some from the store.