Lost count of CSA weeks

Okay last week my CSA was GOOD. I still didn't use up everything (I am very embarrassing and if there are any freegans in the area I need them to contact me so I can stop throwing away perfectly fresh and organic vegetables) but I did the best job I have ever done.

I got:

I finally did that thing I imagined I'd do all summer where I cooked several different meals throughout the week (three in one day, which I'm not sure I have ever done). It was extremely time consuming and I don't know why I thought I could do that often. Cooking takes TIME.

But, I honestly made some good things.

Just a regular salad with lettuce and cucumbers, for one. I found this dressing at a grocery store in New Hampshire over Fourth of July weekend (Simply Dressed Lemon Vinaigrette) that still has some junk in it but tasted light and good. I put it on cabbage and ate it just like that in NH and then put it in this salad with an apple.

Sage was probably my favorite spice that I've received so far and I put it in sausage for breakfast sandwiches and also in cheddar and sage biscuits. Turns out my best bet is to use my CSA stuff for not the healthiest food and then I'll love it (I also used zucchini and squash with TJ's orange chicken + coconut rice and it was the bomb.) The breakfast sandwiches were SO good (a fried egg, a thick slice of extra sharp cheddar cheese, sausage with sage mixed in, and not-store-brand English muffins) and the biscuits had a lot of potential but a) I'm not really precise enough at baking and b) I didn't make them thick enough! One I accidentally made thicker than the rest and it was the only one that puffed up in the oven and it was the best one. I need biscuit practice.

Thursday was the day that I just went over the top with food. Sausage, egg, and cheese for breakfast, then I made a variation on this salad for lunch (I roasted the fennel and carrots along with it) and was surprised at how much I liked it. Then I made beet chips and some were good and some weren't sliced thin enough. I NEED a mandolin. I also need a better spiralizer. I'm trying to declutter my life but also constantly talking myself into buying more kitchen appliances. (Just took a break from writing this blog to purchase both a spiralizer and a mandolin.) A good trick for beet chips is to coat them in salt and oil and then let them "sweat" for 20 minutes. They stayed nice and flat. Then I made roasted corn chipotle pasta salad with nothing from my CSA (okay actually I used half of an onion) but it was delicious. Highly recommend.

This week I got similar stuff (including one purple pepper) but I'll be out of town for most of it so if I get a chance to make any good recipes I'll note them here.