CSA Week 2

I had a harder time with my CSA last week. I guess I was a little disappointed by how my recipes turned out the first week; I felt like I was eating because the food was there but not because I loved it. And it's sad to eat food you don't love when food you do love exists. So I kind of just didn't really cook.

I received:
More beets
Bok choi
Collard greens

I made another quiche with turnip and beet greens, fennel, and dill. Yuck. Fennel is not a food I like. I heard it was better caramelized, but I didn't do a great job, and in the end it got old so I threw out the rest. Whoops.

I also made my own ranch dressing with dill, which was pretty good. I'm not a huge ranch fan, so I put it on one salad and then brought it to a party with veggies.

I use a few collard greens for wraps and though the stuff inside was good (carrots, cucumbers, turkey, avocado, hummus), I just didn't love the taste of the greens on the outside. I still have a few that hopefully I can use.

I put some bok choi on pizza, which was good but not great.

I realized that as much as I want beets to be potatoes, they're just not. That's a good lesson.

I'm looking forward to finally being out of school (half days Thursday and Friday!) so I can spend more time cooking and looking for recipes that are great, not just edible.