CSA Week 1

I have admired and at times coveted my friend Carol Ann's CSA shares for years, so now that I have a steady job (summer income!), and a dedication to eating more vegetables than treats this year (a New Year's resolution I haven't completely honored), I decided it's time.

My first box contained:
Radishes (including greens)
Beets (including greens)
Kohlrabi (??????)
Green garlic

I've found some recipes I'm excited about so I'll post about those as I use them, but last night I made a cute little salad that I really loved, so I've gotta save the recipe.

Lettuce, shredded (very important quality in salad greens for me)
Bacon (cooked till crispy)
Sunflower seeds
Goat cheese (a game changer that I'm convinced could make me eat any salad)
Balsamic dressing (made by me)

Sometimes I think I like salads and then I make one that's so terrible and I can't even eat it (that happened on Monday night--thank goodness for Dinesh being willing to eat honestly anything). So I've gotta note of what makes them edible and hopefully enjoyable to me.