CSA Week 1 continued

Alright, here are the rest of the recipes I made to use up all my CSA stuff:

1. I made this quiche with the greens of my beets instead of kale. I was worried, but turns out eggs and pie crust can mask any scary vegetable flavor. I used frozen pie crust from the grocery store because pie crust has always scared me and I have another one in the freezer still so I'm sure I'll make another quiche with whatever I get this week.

2. I made pesto out of the greens of my kohlrabi. I used a recipe from the CSA email, but I don't think it was enough oil and my blendtec had a hard time blending it all up. The greens were still kind of thick rather than pureed. I'll look for another pesto recipe. I used the pesto in this pasta dish and it was really good. It tasted really fresh and almost fruity, which I wasn't expecting. I'd make it again. I still have some pesto left so I'm thinking about what else to use it in. I'll update.

3. I used beet, kohlrabi, and some baby carrots I had lying around to make this slaw. I wanted to be the type of person who ate just the veggies, but the flavor wasn't doing it for me, so I added the goat cheese and peanuts like she did here and it really transformed the dish. I would make this again. I wouldn't buy beets and kohlrabi to make it again, but if I had them, I definitely would.

4. I tried two other salads with the kale and lettuce, and while they were edible, neither of them were as good as the one that first night. I think bacon + goat cheese in a salad is a real winner. I'll keep trying though. I just saw this post of summer salad ideas and they all look so good, so I'm sure I'll work my way through this list.

I realize how ridiculous it is that I just linked to four recipes from the same blog, but it's the only blog I follow with posts about CSA veggies, so it's a valuable resource. Also, after making several of her recipes, I trust her, so I'll keep following along.

I haven't heard yet what I'm getting tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be another adventure. Just two more weeks of school and then I'll be done, and it's about time, because cooking my way through even just a half-share of CSA veggies is taking up all of my free time.