Close to the Coast

Back in 2013, a really good thing happened. A friend stumbled upon a race in Freeport, Maine. There was a 5k and a 10k, the race started from a campground, and there was an option to camp there the night before. We scrambled to get our friends together, reserved the group campsite, and thus the best weekend of the year was born: the ushering in of summer.

The first year we did it, that Saturday coincided with the summer solstice, and we were all too happy to spend the entire day outside. Here's how it goes:

Campfire Friday night
Sleep in a tent
Wake up with the sun
Run a race around this beautiful coastal campsite
Watch your really fast friends win pies for coming in 1st or 2nd place in their age group
Listen to a cute band and eat the free post-race BBQ (including Ben and Jerry's)
Pack up the campsite
Go to the beach

That was the schedule the first year, and since I don't fix things that aren't broken, we've never looked back.

Every year new friends come and are surprised at how fun it is. It helps that the weather is always absolutely perfect.

Here are some highlights from this year!

Ben and I are the only remaining survivors from that first 2013 race, and we always take cute pictures to commemorate. 

We thought a wheelbarrow would be a good idea but nope. My arms are the worst. 

Hanna and Dinesh wore unplanned matching shirts. This was before the race so that's why they still look cute.

Aaaaaand here's the post-race, matching-shirt chest bump. 

 Some of these friends came all the way from The Big Apple (New York City) to do this race. They loved it.

Like I said, you gotta invite your fast runner friends, cause then they win pies. And share them. 

Acroyoga at Old Orchard Beach. The water was like an ice bath, which is probably how we had strength to do stunts/run away from supporting the stunts after running our incredibly challenging 5k (okay Conner ran the 10k).

 Here we are at the most photographed lighthouse in the world or something. Wouldn't you take a picture of that beauty?

And now, summer is here. And I'm the happiest.


  1. Ok, this is now on my East Coast bucket list. Sounds amazing!


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