Books 8 and 9

8. Looking for Alaska, John Green. Okay, books where teenagers die are not okay to me. I have read a couple of other John Green books that I liked but didn't love and this was in the same vein to me. Quirky teenagers, I get it. However, their quirks are often somewhat relatable, which was the case in this book. I almost threw the book in the river but I'm glad I read to the end because although the death was still inexcusable, I did find some value in how things played out.

9. What Is the What, Dave Eggers. Whoa. This book was powerful and sad and took me more days to read than most books lately, so the story stayed with me longer. I have heard of the Lost Boys of Sudan, but didn't really know much about them. It's overwhelming how many different ways there are for a person's life to be bad. I'm glad I read about Valentino Achak Deng's story, and I'm glad for the unique way it was written.

Still working on HP7 and I also started In Defense of Food. School is almost out and soon I'll be cruising through these books (hopefully).