36 Pictures of Two Americans Smiling in Peru

We are Americans who have like three outfits and one facial expression: huge grins, especially when we are standing by impressive Peruvian scenery.

1. Pre-gaming in Cusco.

2. Starting our ascent on the first day of our trek.

3. Fake smiling because the ascent was way harder than we thought.

4. Planning to drop dead at any moment.

5. Astounded that we had reached the top.

6. Triumphant.

7. Among the rock sacrifices for good luck.

8. Finally enjoying ourselves in this beautiful valley.

9. Night falls and the clouds roll in. Many hours of trekking await us.

10. Starting our trek, day 2.

11. Posing on a cliff.

12. Crossing a waterfall.

13. Resting in a field.

14. Posing in our swimsuits is our favorite.

15. Trekking day 3. 

16. Arriving in Aguas Calientes!

17. Statues in the Machu Picchu town.

18. Showered and eating dinner inside.

19. Morning Machu Picchu mist.

20. Among Incan architecture.

21. Early morning light shining through three important windows.

22. Posing by the young mountain.

23. Trying to determine the date with the sundial.

24. Standing by a mountain.

25. Standing in a narrow passageway.

27. Standing by a statue of a mountain in front of a mountain.

28. Interrupting someone meditating.

29. Reflecting in the water mirrors.

30. In the condor temple.

31. Hiking.

32. Still hiking.

33. Continuing to hike.

34. Finishing the hike!

35. Sweatier than ever.

36. Saying goodbye to Machu Picchu.


  1. Those pictures with the fog are sweet. That's awesome that you hiked there!


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