Every spark of friendship and love will die without a home

Before leaving Provo, I had some of my dear friends make me CDs that would capture the essence of them. One of the CDs (the one that I ended up listening to the most on my long roadtrip home) had the song "Intervention" by Arcade Fire on it. I heard the song once before, but I clearly misunderstood the important lyrics that can be found in the title of this post.

I could write an epic poem about my friends, but instead, I will simply write an ode to all the people who gave a home to the spark of friendship between us. About ten months ago, I was recently home from my mission and preparing to go back to BYU to finish my last year. I was scared out of my mind, because although before I left I had ample friends, I had barely reconnected with any of them and was so worried that I would spend my last eight months in Provo weird and lonely. It took a bit of an adjustment, but I came out on top.

A lot of the people that formed a part of my life this past year were old friends from all walks of my life, including EFY, freshman year, study abroad, old wards, etc. But a lot of my friends were new, and new friendships always require nourishment. It took work to turn that spark into a real friendship, just like it took work to reignite my old friendships. It was definitely something I was invested in, since friends are outrageously important to me, but it takes [at least] two, and I am so grateful to all the people that were willing to put time into it as well.

At the risk of being way too sentimental (when I am ever not that way?), I would like to thank my friends for being who you are, because I truly love you and appreciate you being in my life. Having people to spend time with and laugh with and share things with is so valuable to me. I know that things change as time passes, and even the best friendships fade, but at the very least, I have been happy in large part due to the intelligent, hilarious, and considerate people around me.

Thank you. Thank you for not letting these sparks of friendship die. May they always grow stronger.