Diary of a College Senior Trying To Scrape By Without Embarrassing Herself During Her Last Semester

January 6: Notices that the syllabi for two of her classes show papers due on April 10.

January 6-April 2: Spends a lot of time hanging out with her friends, exercising, and trying to plan for the future.

April 2: Starts thinking about papers due at the end of the semester.

April 3: Hears a speech from one of the professors expecting a paper on April 10 about the little man inside of us that tells us when we need to get started on our papers to make sure we have enough time to do a good job.

April 7, 11 am: Starts hearing the little man.
April 7, 11:15 am: Goes hiking; eats lunch; plays Just Dance; showers; goes toCostco; goes to birthday party.
April 7, 10 pm: Leaves birthday party to finally satisfy the pleadings of that little man to start on the paper.
April 7, 10:45 pm: Falls asleep, book [indicating the topic of one of the papers] in hand.

April 9, 1 pm: Hears little man screaming; finishes book.
April 9, 5 pm: Starts researching, occasionally distracted by hunger and cold.
April 9, 8:30 pm: Leaves campus; changes clothes; acquires sugar, Diet Dr. Pepper, and healthy snacks; returns to campus.
April 9, 9:40 pm: Starts draft; inspiration strikes.
April 10, 12 am: Starts hearing very strange noises in the building where she believes.she is the only one present; tentatively leaves office only to sprint to the bathroom to relieve Diet Dr. Pepper-laden bladder.
April 10, 1:36 am: Finishes draft of one paper.
April 10, 1:54 am: Finishes caffeine supply.
April 10, 2:02 am: Starts second paper.
April 10, 4:21 am: Surfaces for air; end is in sight; desperately wants to be out of the building by 5 am in case that’s when the custodial crew shows up.
April 10, 4:37 am: Finishes draft of second paper.
April 10, 4:40 am: Posts blog; leaves campus.


  1. Was it Trent that talked about the little man? LOL.

    1. Actually no, it was my Spanish lit professor, Todd Mack. But Trent gave us a similar talk about procrastination and requiring us to break up the procrastination by doing drafts, haha. As if that worked...


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