Sweaty lactic acid death.

Thorn: Didn't have time to change out of my spandex-y workout clothes before Latino Outreach. The missionaries were there.  This is literally one of my worst nightmares.
Bud: I matched with Jessie!
Petal: My dear friend Bryan is surprise getting married on Saturday instead of at the end of the semester. They're going to be so happy together!

* Note: the title comes from my private workout blog. That basically explains my workout today.


  1. I love your intent gaze. haha

  2. i love the thorn, bud, petal idea! so creative!

    happy wednesday to you friend!

  3. Oh hey, I forgot to tell you that I stalk your blog. I really enjoy it. I might steal this rosebud idea from you. I already know what your thorn will be today: not being able to hangout with me because rhetoric was cancelled. Thanks a lot, Dr. Paul. (shaking my fist)

    And Bryan, what the?? I knew there was something fishy about his g-chat status! How exciting!


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