No, this post is not about the #1 movie of all time, Citizen Kane. It is about something I heard about from a friend affectionately known around these parts as "Van Boy." In an effort to start blogging more, I am setting a goal for myself to post daily with my rosebud.

Here's how it works. Thorn = something bad going on. Bud = something good going on. Petal = something exciting in the future.

So here goes today's.

Thorn: I ate a rancid avocado. It was absolutely disgusting and I had been looking forward to my dinner all day.

Bud: I started the Lazyman Ironman and ran 3 miles with Courtney. She's the greatest friend because even though she had already run six miles today, she went with me anyway. Also, clearly she's a workout beast. In the best, most feminine way possible.

Petal: Pi day is coming up on Wednesday and I found four delicious pies that I'm considering making. Mmm.

More to come tomorrow! I think this is a good way to appreciate life every day. Plus, since I can pretty easily blog from my phone, I have no excuses! And isn't that what life is all about? The no excuses part, of course.


  1. kami. you are the best. and right after this post i'm sitting here commenting while your biking and my tendons are in pain ha. i wonder what pie i'm going to make?! or buy...whoops. loves

  2. I like this idea. um yes i do. i'm going to start it on my blog too - except i'm not as ambitious as you and I'm only going to attempt to do it once a week!


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