Little lamb, my child

Last night MarkJessie, and I recited this play. The entire thing. Oh, and it was in Spanish. And don't worry, Jessie's roommates were around, but they don't speak Spanish. I'm sure it was really entertaining and enlightening for them. At least Lydia learned something: "They're speaking Spanish, but it sounds like Arabic!" She probably thought we couldn't hear her. We could.

It's a great play. If you would like us to perform it at a special occasion, let us know. We've got our parts down pretty well. Mark is almost all of the daughters and the grandmother, I am the maid, and Jessie is the mom. Appropriate, right?


  1. Remember how Cambrie came in and tried to participate?

  2. Very appropriate. I would like to see it at a Spain reunion and perhaps play the part of Pepe el Romano.

  3. Hahaha Tristan you've read it?? Okay Spain reunion the week after next you can participate.


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