As part of my commitment to better myself (I have made it so many times I can't even count, but last night specifically I had an epiphany) I decided that I am not going to use any social media except checking my e-mail and publishing blogs until I have accomplished one major goal, which is applying for Teach For America.  I even put my apps (Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter) into a folder on my phone so gracefully called "TFA done?"  Aka, I can't enter until my application is done.  That might be a few more weeks, but hopefully if I use all my spare time to do that instead of worthless social media, it will get done faster.

So far it's going well.

Today as I walked into the HRCB (home of the Kennedy Center) for the second time, I noticed a big, important phrase above the door.  "Expand Your World."  Ironic, I thought, because that little office in 273C is becoming my world.  If I branch out (Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons), it's to 109 of the same building.  But my mind is certainly expanding from this wonderful internship opportunity.

Example: remember when I was reading Midnight's Children, that awesome Rushdie book about India?  Today I was editing a Culture Guide about India and found out there are gods named Shiva and Parvati who have a son together.  !!!!  If you've read Midnight's Children you'll understand just how significant that is.  Rushdie was even more in-tune than I thought.

One more thought, before I go back to fact-checking in books about Gandhi.  In my Modern American Lit class today we started talking about the symbol of the desert.  Throughout literature (I'm going to need to read up on this a bit more) the desert is a place to seclude oneself and have a huge spiritual breakthrough.  Antofagasta mission, Chile.  Been there, done that.  The question posed was, "Why would they ever want to leave?"  With all this rainy weather, I am asking myself the same thing.


  1. let's leave then! sooo many more excuse came about after the depressing weather change today to not excercise. depressing within itself. let's Do SOMETHING!

  2. Did she assign you The Desert Reader? It's interesting. She assigned it in a grad course I sat in on a couple years ago.


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