email from 5/2/2011
So this was another good week, in the end. But it was kinda tough getting there. On Thursday something HORRIBLE happened. Remember Habib? That one young guy that we met on a Thursday, that went to church, we set a baptismal date, etc? Then he disappeared for two weeks and we called and went to his house three times every single day and could NEVER find him again? On Wednesday night he was driving by and stopped to get out and talk to us. He promised us that he´d be there waiting for us Thursday at 4 pm, so we talked to Daniel (our trusty future missionary, fellowshipper of the whole world) and went over to his house. The first time around that we talked to him, he confessed to Daniel that he was in love with Hermana Lindner but that he was still totally psyched about getting baptized and everything. Then he disappeared for two weeks and we felt like if he were really in love with Hermana Lindner, he would probably be there for our appts, right? Anyway, we go and he´s there. We talk about what happened in the time that we didn´t see him, and he expressed a lot of interest in changing his life. We talk about the Word of Wisdom, he gives me his lighter as a sign that he´s going to quit smoking, we set an appt for the next day, he agrees to go to a baptism on Saturday and come to church on Sunday. As we´re leaving (we´ve already started walking away) he calls us back and says that he wants to talk to Hermana Lindner alone. I say he can´t. He says fine, that he wants to talk to both of us but not Daniel. Daniel stays like 5 steps back but doesn´t leave. Good work. Habib tells us that something "weird" is happening to him and asks us if we know what it is. I just flat out say that he´s in love with Hermana Lindner and he´s like WHHHHHAAAAAAAAT how did you know??? and I said it´s because he looks at her a lot. We continue to have a really uncomfortable conversation about how nothing can happen EVER along those lines, even after the mission (Hermana Lindner remains silent and awkward), and even though Daniel has already told him all this when he confessed, and so we say that we´re going to explain more tomorrow (aka, the law of chastity). He agrees. Later that night, at about 5 to 10, Daniel calls us and asks if we´re at home. Not yet. Okay, just wanted to tell you to NOT put Habib in your planning for tomorrow. WHAT?! I´ll tell you tomorrow. Boooooo. We were SOOOOO depressed that whole night. Friday morning we get up and it´s cloudy all morning. I dress in black because that´s my mood. We go to Daniel´s house and he shows us a text from Habib. "I don´t want you to come anymore because I´m in love with Hermana Lindner and it hurts too bad." So ridiculous! We spend the rest of the morning knocking doors and just to go with our wonderful moods, we ONLY knock on the doors of atheists. There almost aren´t even atheists in Chile, but we found them all. So wonderful.
Okay I don´t have time anymore, but apart from Habib dying, we had three people at church yesterday, so that was great. One of them, Elisabeth, has been to church before and is praying about getting baptized right now! She shared her testimony in Relief Society! It was a huge miracle. We also brought two INACTIVE families to church yesterday and the ward was way happy. And one inactive member brought his wife, who is thinking about getting baptized. Woohoo! I know that if we keep working hard and relying on the Lord, we can see miracles in this sector! We are GOING to baptize in May! Plus President challenged us to read the whole Book of Mormon in May so I started yesterday and I love it. I´m reading it in Spanish for the first time and it´s going really well.
Okay, I love you all. I hope everything works out with the phone call so we can talk, to McKay and Annie too hopefully, and Chase if it´s possible!
Have a great week!
PS Hermana Vilche, my first hija, is here in Arica now, in my zone, so the attached picture is me with my two hijas! A little family photo!