celestial missionaries!!!!

email sent: 6/27/2011

Great news. We are celestial missionaries once again. AND this is the first time since they changed the criteria to include needing 3 baptismal dates and 4 investigators in sacrament meeting to be celestial, regardless of the other numbers. We have 4 BAPTISMAL DATES! I am so excited. Justina is getting baptized next Sunday, Alan on the 9th, and Marcos and Krashna on the 16th. And we have more people that we can set baptismal dates with because more people have gone to church, etc. These next few weeks are going to pass by SO quickly. On Saturday night I started having a little panic attack because I realized that in THREE weeks I am going home. What a pain! I love the mission so much! But I know that going home is something necessary. Wow I am having the hardest time expressing myself, I am sorry. We are already short on time, I´m sorry, and I´m not really sure how that happened. Okay just a few important things.
Alan is the guy that just showed up at church last week. He´s progressing and everything, but his life is like really sad. Yesterday we were talking about the plan of salvation and we talked about living with God before this life. I asked him if he has ever felt God´s love and he said he´s never felt love from anyone, not even his parents. :( Oh, it´s so sad hearing him but we are trying soooo hard to help him feel the Lord´s love. The other day Hermana Canto asked him if he had any friends and he asked if we were included and she said yes and he said "Okay, I have two." Aww. I think it´s going to be pretty upsetting when he realizes that we have to leave eventually. Boots.
Justina is an abuelita in a wheelchair. It´s basically the same story as Silvia, who I baptized in Iquique. Remember her? Anyway, she´s having a private baptism on Sunday afternoon and President authorized her to get confirmed the same day, so that´s going to make this week really busy.
Marcos is the father of the family from Santiago. He is progressing SO MUCH. We went to teach him the Word of Wisdom with our District Leader and a Zone Leader on Thursday and he asked for a priesthood blessing to quit smoking, and he´s doing great. He is sooooo pumped about his wedding and his baptism, it´s amazing.
Krashna is a 14-year-old who we´ve been teaching since being with Hermana Lindner and she came to church yesterday and accepted a date for the 16th. Woohoo! I love this work!
Next Monday I don´t think I´ll be writing because we are going to ANTOFAGASTA for an all-sisters Pday!!! Okay this is ANOTHER miracle of the end of my mission. I have been waiting my WHOLE mission to go bowling because I LOVE bowling. The only bowling alley exists in Antofagasta, and surprise, I NEVER was in Antofagasta. But we just got an email from Sister Bruce telling us to bring socks on Monday because we are GOING BOWLING!!!! What a huge blessing! I started screaming in the internet cafe to Hermana Montandon (I think I´ve gotten a lot more dramatic on the mission) and she died laughing. I think we´ll probably write on Tuesday so I´ll be sure to tell you all about BOWLING.
Also, one more thing. Hermana Canto and I are running every day and we go running at the BEACH! It´s sweet. This week I´ll make sure to take my camera one day to show you what it´s like. There are a TON of rocks. They are really cool looking.
Umm sorry this email is lame. I love you guys! Have a great week!