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Letter received 8/9/2010

We were celestial missionaries again, and the zone was celestial. Actually, we were only 2 new investigators away from being in the City of Enoch, but on Saturday one of the assistants talked to our ZLs and said some mean things about how if we have good numbers but don´t have baptisms it doesn´t matter, and pointed out that a zone in Arica had 9 baptisms last week but were only in Level 2. So we gave up trying to reach City of Enoch and are a little confused about the vision of President Bruce, but we are looking for baptisms this week. Really, we challenged 3 people this week, and 1 accepted and we´re waiting for responses from 2 more, so it´s not like we´re not looking for baptisms, but really, the numbers don´t prove much. We´ll see what happens this week, because we now have approximately 40-something new investigators that we´ve found and don´t know what to do with. Turns out the mission is a little hard.
This computer sucks, it´s REALLY late and even though it was P-day libre (free) we haven´t had time to do a single thing because we spent approximately a million hours making pupusas, and I´m kind of in a bad mood from that, so I don´t really feel like writing much. Sorry.
Carlos blessed the Sacrament yesterday, it was great. He looked so good with a tie!
HQ and I are never not having a dance party to the Jericho Road songs on the EFY CDs that you sent, so that´s been boosting our enthusiasm.
Last night we knocked on the door of a future investigator named Domingo, and no one answered the door but a guy next to the door opened the window and asked who we were looking for. We told him Domingo and he said he didn´t know if he was home and that he couldn´t look for him because he was locked in. Umm, what? Apparently he´s a drug addict and his little brother locks him in his room (they´re called piezas when someone rents just one room in a huge house, and the majority of our investigators live in piezas instead of in houses with their families) because that´s the only way he doesn´t do drugs. There were bars on the windows and he had to hold up the window to talk to us, so we knelt down to be on his level and I helped him hold up the window while we talked about the Atonement. How´s that for an absurd image of the day (Cambrie, if you are reading this, that´s for you)?
The cakes that we make in the microwave are the bomb. Thank you! Really, we´ve been enjoying everything.
Sorry this email is so lame, but so you know, I´m still doing well, and thanks for the emails this week. Really, it´s a pretty awful feeling when I open my email and all I have is stuff from the mission office. I encourage you all to use at least a few minutes of The Sabbath Day to write your favorite Chilean missionary! I would appreciate it 100-fold.
Love you, have a good week!

Also, it´s getting ridiculously cold on the beach lately and the past couple nights I´ve been sleeping with my thermals and my sweatsuit and two blankets and socks and still dying. But summer´s coming, right? :)