This letter was sent 7/12/2010

I have really no clue what to say today. Our numbers for the week were a little low-- there´s a Catholic festival called La Tirana somewhere "arriba" from here and everyone that believes in God is there apparently. Unfortunately, what I said last week about us having lots of good people that we´re teaching is no longer true. We had to drop some investigators, others we haven´t been able to find (welcome to the mission, right?), and we have been knocking doors like crazy with reeeally bad results. The actual festival of La Tirana is this weekend, but people flock there by the thousands apparently the whole week. Jorge, our convert from July 3, is so converted to the gospel, it´s sweet. He ate lunch with us in the restaurant on Saturday (the same people that cook for us during the week invite us to their restaurant every Saturday to eat lunch, and we found Jorge because he was working there with them) and we were complaining about La Tirana and he asked if he was allowed to work with us and take us to the houses of all his friends to teach them! He´s super great. Also, HQ has to travel to Antofagasta to renew her visa and she´s leaving tomorrow after lunch and coming back Wednesday night. And President Bruce is touring the mission this week to meet all of us, so I´m not really sure when we´re going to work.
I just realized that this is probably the most boring email you´ve ever gotten from me. Sorry.
Today we played soccer against the zone that lives in Hospicio, which is the city on top of the mountain next to Iquique. We rented a soccer field with turf (all the churches here have soccer courts, like basketball courts, but it´s just cement) and it was huge. I played for about five minutes until I realized that I was incredibly horrible and incredibly nervous and was not going to be a good contribution to the game, at which point I sat on the side and cheered with an Elder who also doesn´t like to play and some random members from another ward who came to cheer.
Remember the Donoso family? I don´t know if I´ve told you before, but they have a 14 year old son who didn´t get baptized with them who has been really uninterested in the church. But we taught him last night and he´s wayyyyyyy more interested. The lesson was sweet. Janett (the mom)´s sister was there too (they call her Lola!) and she is also really interested. This family is kind of crazy. They´re still learning how to live the gospel and everything, but they are really good in some aspects, like prayer (I believe I´ve mentioned that before) and missionary work. They give us references of every single person they know who´s not a member, and usually they´re trained up well, because they always talk about the gospel in their house. Hermano Donoso is the Elder´s Quorum President, so he comes to our missionary correlation meetings, and this past Tuesday he brought his wife, who recently received a calling as Secretary of the YW, and her sister Lola. It was.... weird to have a nonmember in our meeting, but it´s not like we do anything that they shouldn´t know about. Anyway, we´ll see what happens there, but they´re about our only hope right now.
Well, I´m still freezing here. Apparently August is the worst month, so it´s only going to get colder. I´ll keep you posted on that. I love you, I miss you, and thanks for your emails! Brothers: write me. That is all.
Have a good week!