The first day of winter!

This letter was sent 6/21/2010

The bad news section: Silvia died yesterday. She was in severe pain Saturday afternoon so they took her to the hospital and apparently they didn´t take care of her very well. She had to wait from 5 pm until 11 pm to be seen, and they left the window open in her room without lots of blankets, and she´s REALLY REALLY thin from the first time she went to the hospital and they didn´t feed her, so she just couldn´t take the mistreatment and died at 5 am yesterday morning. The family is sad, but her daughter Janett and her husband are members, so they understand the plan of salvation and are super happy that at least she got baptized. Now we know she´s happily in the spirit world, enjoying paradise.

Her husband died 20 something years ago, and Janett´s husband Jorge (Hermano Donoso) went to the temple and was baptized for him, so they´re together. :) But Jessica, the girl who was taking care of Silvia, isn´t a member, and we were teaching her but she didn´t want to change her Catholic beliefs so we dropped her a week or two ago. But we talked to her last night and she wants to receive us again. Hopefully she can find comfort in the Plan of Salvation too. The viewing was at her house last night so we went with a bunch of ward members and sang some hymns and the bishop said a prayer. She has six kids and only the one is a member so they didn´t want to have a funeral like we normally do, and she´s being buried with a cross (?), but it was good to be there.

The great news section: We had so many miracles this week! Thursday we had an appt with Allison and Felipe and we were talking to Felipe about his testimony/answer about the church, etc., and he said that he hadn´t received an answer, because he hadn´t really been praying. He wanted to get baptized anyway but we told him he has to believe that this is the true church, he can´t just get baptized because he wants to. So we told him to pray that night and really seek an answer. We went back Friday to do the pre-interview with him and Allison (so we could announce their baptism yesterday in Sacrament Meeting) and when we got there Allison wasn´t home yet but her mom was like oh, Felipe´s here, and he wanted to talk to you. We were kind of nervous about whether it would be good or bad, but he came downstairs and we asked him if he´d prayed, and he said he went into the back of his house to be alone and knelt down and prayed to ask if this was the true church and he felt a warmth in his chest and he felt really good. And we were super happy and were like Felipe, that´s an answer from God! and we shared a bunch of scriptures and he seemed really happy too. Then Allison came home and we were about to start going over the questions and Felipe was like "Oh I have something to say. I´m not going to get baptized, I don´t think I´m prepared" and we were like WHAAAAAT and HQ just started talking and talking and saying that we´re never going to be perfect, but we will grow in the gospel, and it´ll be easier because we´ll have the gift of the Holy Ghost, and he had received an answer and that was important, and he was like "Okay I want to get baptized but my mom and Allison said I wasn´t sure so I shouldn´t!" and Allison was like "You weren´t sure!!!" and he was like "But now I got an answer!" and their mom was like "Fine then, get baptized with Allison" and he was really happy. And they came to church yesterday, so we´re all set for this Saturday. We´re going to accomplish the goal! Woohoo!

Another miracle is Jorge. He´s been a miracle since the second we started teaching him, but Saturday he shared with us an awesome experience. He´s been reading the Gospel Principles book and finished it Friday, and knelt down Friday night to pray to God and to ask forgiveness for his sins. He said he was praying in his room in darkness but all of a sudden it was like a light came on, but not in the room, in his mind. And he knew exactly what God wanted from him and not in a general way, but in a very specific way. We shared with him Alma 32:28 and he was soooo sooo happy. He said before he wanted to get baptized, but now he´s completely anxious to get baptized, he can´t wait. He wants to do everything right, and every single thing we teach him is a breeze. He has lots of questions but just to clarify how he can best serve God. It´s really cool because he recognizes us as servants of God and trusts the things we say as the word of God. Ah, he´s so great. So he´s getting baptized July 3rd.

Also in the way of miracles, Chile won their first game on Wednesday and again today! This city is CRAZY when they win. Everyone is just driving around honking and screaming CHI CHI CHI LE LE LE VIVA CHILE over and over again.

Well, that´s about all I have to say this week. We´ve got two more weeks of this transfer and they´re going to be super busy. Also, HQ is sick so we´ve been a bit behind on working, but we´re hoping that everything will go smoothly this week with the ward conference and all. Thanks for your support and your prayers, and thanks to Tagg, McKay, Ashely and Aunt Melissa for the emails! I didn´t hear from anyone else but that´s probably because it´s earlier than normal. I hope you´re having a good week and I pray for you always!