three months in the mission today! (May 10)

So, I talked to you guys yesterday. Don´t really have much to say now, haha. For the benefit of the people who read my blog and didn´t hear this story yesterday, I will quickly recap: first earthquake experience on Tuesday, but really it was just a tremor and not really scary. Thursday night, something in our building on the third floor caught on fire at 10:30 pm and we had to rush outside, my companion with her three emergency backpacks. Then, there was some sort of flood from upstairs that started once we were already in bed and my companion freaked out and I did not care. Carla, the woman who served here, was totally right in some aspects: I. Am. In. Chile. Now. And hence, don´t care about so many things that would have freaked me out before.

Let´s see, what else can I possibly say about this week? Oh, we made little thank you cards for some of our "mothers" in our ward here and gave them out yesterday. Mom, you would have been so proud, you love thank you cards, haha. The women were SO touched, it was cute.

Miguel is still loco, don´t know if he´s going to get baptized on May 22. Ivan, a man who seriously is made of gold is also supposed to get baptized on May 22 but didn´t come to church yesterday, so we´ll have to postpone. He has a lot of problems, Satan is trying hard to not allow him to get baptized, but he really has the desire. One of his son´s is a drug addict and someone has to be with him all the time so he´s always missing our appointments and stuff, but we have faith that he will get baptized eventually. Oh, speaking of drug addicts, we taught a lesson to one hanging out in the street the other day. I started just giving him a regular contact and he told us to sit down (there was a couch) so we started teaching when I noticed that his pinky fingernails were really long and I remembered back to like 10th grade Health class/the million other years where we studied drug abuse and remembered that that´s a sign of an addict. Then he admitted it to us. We´re not going to teach him again.

Carlos and Alba are also star investigators, they seriously want to get baptized and are keeping commitments, etc., but they live together, he has to get divorced, and it´s probably going to take a long time. So that´s a bummer. We (I, mostly) are getting a little stressed about how we´re going to get three more people baptized by the end of June. But I just have to have MORE faith!

That´s about it for now. Chase and Tagg, we never really resolved the issue of how you don´t write me. So, write me. It was sad that I didn´t get to talk to you much yesterday, so seriously, take 10 minutes once in a while and pound out a quick email. I would LOVE it.

I love you all. I hope you´re doing well, I´m praying for you and I hope all goes well with your decision making and all. Miss you!