Arrived in Chile!

Hey, I got to Chile! The trip was painful and it's still not over (feel free to excuse my punctuation mistakes, I'm using a Chilean keyboard and it's not easy), there's apparently a possibility of sleeping on a bus tonight. So tired. My mission president only speaks Spanish, and luckily I feel fine about it, but the other missionaries I'm with could be a little happier about it. P day is Monday, so I'll write again then I guess. I have a slightly revised address, will you email Kelsey and tell her to put it up on my facebook as this?
Hermana Kamian Coppins
Mision Chile Antofagasta
Casilla 70
Antofagasta, Chile SA


I love and miss you guys so much! Also, when we got to LA we had to really hurry to make our connecting flight (honestly, this story of getting here is ridiculous and hopefully I have time to write you about it on Monday, because basically it involved several random people shepherding a huge group of missionaries going to Chile all around a few cities/airports) so I couldn't call Chase and I was going to try to call Brian again but couldn't. Sorry! I hope you're all doing well. By the way, I got a few Dear Elders that people sent to this mission instead of the MTC mission, including one from Tagg, one from Janece, and a couple from Derek. So sorry I didn't write back earlier!
Until Monday,
Hermana Coppins