MTC Week 5: wisdom = knowledge put in practice

So, first important lesson I learned this last week = TRUST IN THE LORD and not in the arm of flesh, aka, other people to solve my problems. I realized after I sent that whiny email last week and then didn't get any mail for two days (except for that package from Mom, thank you) that obviously relying on pep talks throughout my whole mission is not going to work. I realized that I am in a season of service in my life, service to other people, and should not expect to be served by other people. From now on, Heavenly Father is going to hear about my problems and that's it. And I am here to serve everyone I know.

Funny stories of the week: Hermana Nielson forgot her blue card Thursday morning for breakfast, which is a really common occurrence for everyone in the MTC, and normally they just let you walk in and don't care. But for some reason, there was a cash register Nazi that day who was like you need to find your blue card and she was like ...I lost it? And she was like well you need to buy a new one before lunch (they're $1) because you can't just cheat like that. First of all, what?? Is she suggesting that Hermana Nielson is putting on heinous missionary clothes, wearing a fake nametag and finding some innocent MTC Hermana to pretend to be her companion so she can eat the DELICIOUS MTC breakfast food for free? Hahaha I basically started laughing so hard but it was serious so I walked away quickly. Anyway, since then, she hasn't cheated like that and always has her blue card. She's not going to get in trouble again.

Other thing Thursday morning. We had service, as usual, and before they started passing out assignments the woman in charge was talking about how we have to make sure to clean off the brooms before we hang them up or otherwise it will look like the brooms have "bouffant hairdos." I'm not sure if I spelled that right but we thought it was hilarious. Next thing we knew, we were sweeping the stairs. With bouffant hairdo brooms. Somehow there is an incredible amount of hair on the stairs, and also an incredible amount of lint. So, bouffant hairdos abounded in our brooms. Like good little missionaries, we cleaned them off before we hung them up and it was disgusting. But so funny to make a million jokes about bouffant hairdos.

Also on Thursday (it was a notable day) we had the "enhancement" class where they put makeup on us and told us to look in a mirror with lips that said "You are so beautiful!" and answer it "Yes, I am!" Not okay.

ALSO on Thursday, Hermano Nielson's recommend was found at the temple (yay!) so we were at the front desk talking to them about it when someone got a phone call about whether a family could drop off eyeglasses and medication at the MTC for a missionary. The front desk guy said yes but nothing else. He then listened with a perplexed look on his face for a long time and said, "No, nothing else, just the eyeglasses and medication." I had told Hermana Nielson about how dad said Milo is large and in charge these days (hilarious letter about Milo again, dad, by the way) and she kept quietly saying "My dog wants to come visit with the eyeglasses and medication, and since he's large and in charge I don't know how to say no, so is that okay, if he comes too?" Hilarious.

Regular stories of the week: Hermano Ammons is now my best friend, which is good news at last. We passed the barrier of him being awkward/Hermano Nielson thinking I'm in love with him (sooooo awkward) and now he's bringing us information from the outside world, like that Saturday night was Daylight Savings Time. Important fact. His next order of business is to find out for us what a second cousin is.

Also, we're getting a new Hermana in our room tomorrow, which we're way excited about. Luckily there are plenty of treats for her to join in our St. Patrick's Day party. We've been gearing up all week for it, it's going to be really excellent.

Mom, thank you so much for the treats and thank you for the other stuff too! That journal is super cute and it's perfect. You are so good at sending packages, thank you.

One more notable thing this week was that we were studying how to help investigators overcome addictions and our teacher decided that we had to spend 24 hours overcoming our addiction to English, entonces, we only spoke Spanish-- no English AT ALL. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but we didn't tell many jokes because some things were soooo hard to explain. Anyway, we're going to do that once a week from now on and hopefully I'll enjoy it more and more everytime.

Spiritual things of the week: we have this one really doctrinally intelligent counselor in our branch presidency who also is always soooooo smiley. He interviewed me on Sunday for our mid-way interviews (past the midway point, it's so exciting!) and we talked a lot about being led by the Spirit/seeing the hand of the Lord in our lives. I'd still been struggling a little bit to that point, but that Sunday was a super good day and so many really great, really important, really spiritual things happened. It was great.

And yesterday was a great day! Hermana Nielson and I are teaching this teacher who is pretending to be a progressing investigator from Chile (the teacher actually served in my mission) and we had such a good lesson yesterday. Teaching other missionaries is good practice but they mostly just always agree to do whatever you ask because they think that's what they're supposed to do. But this teacher had realistic doubts, about believing in the First Vision and stuff, and I just wanted her to pray about it sooo badly. I had the most intense desire to share my testimony and change her life! It got me so geared up for helping real people when I'm out in the field. I can't wait for that.

Anyway, I'm about out of time for the day, but I hope everyone is doing well. Oh, and the subject of this email is an insight from Hermano Ammons that I thought was really important and applicable to my life this week. I hope it helps you. Love you all!