GRILL Takes California!

So I just returned from a wonderful roadtrip with my besties and my boy. Many great things happened. I will recap some of them here.

We started with a series of people walking in on other people way awkwardly in the bathroom. Neal and Brian like to pee with the door open. Mistake #1. Also, apparently the lock in Aaron's bathroom is nonfunctional. Mistake #2.

We made it to Vegas and our gracious host also graced us with a pole dance.
The next day we transformed into a singing group called GRILL. It was because of our matching outfits, but we really worked it.
We went to Peggy Sue's.
We performed onstage.
Then we took the quintessential band photos.
We went to Calico, which is a ghost town, and every employee hated their lives, which we didn't understand, because we loved ours. Except the Mystery Shack was closed. Major downside.
We went to LA and drove around some super nice neighborhoods aimlessly to see the Hollywood sign. This grassy knoll was nice.
Then we went to Santa Monica. The weather was good, the beach was good, our packed lunches were good.
We drove to San Diego and went to Balboa Park to see a racist juggler, a sleazy "Sleeveless" magician, and a tram driver named Rick who had no idea what was going on. We drove to Coronado with just enough time to catch some beautiful views of the sunset, and with just enough time for me to follow in Ashley's footsteps, in a worshipful way.

Also, that night we went to a psychic. Ashley and I both have a smile on our face but a sadness in our heart, Ashley and Neal are both going to sign very important papers soon, Aaron is going on a long but safe journey, and Brian has two girlfriends, only one of which he really loves. She did not reveal which.

The next day we went up to La Jolla because we wanted a beach and heard it was pretty. Umm... it wasn't a feasible beach because the water was toxic and there were sealions, which I hate. Except for the one who looked like a grandpa. Also there was this long walkway with huge waves crashing over it. Scary. Wet.
We went to Old Town San Diego, where they were having the "Blessing of the Animals." That meant lots of dogs, some in costumes. Then we found these donkeys. This one was named Don Quixote. It was kind of weird. The lady tending them was really happy that she could say he was a jackass and not even be mean about it. But she was kind of mean about it.
The drive back to Vegas was kind of long. Ashley took advantage of her prime positioning in the middle next to two generous boys.
This brings us to the epic end of our trip. Ashley wanted to milk a cow. There are no such dairy farms that advertise letting strangers milk their cows, so she just started calling random ones. Mountain View Dairy in Delta, Utah was very kind and offered us a tour as well as a cow-milking session. They even understood that being city-folk, we did not have the proper clothes to be on a farm. They provided us with gloves and booties. Unfortunately, even those couldn't completely shield us from the splattering manure and strong cow smell.
But that did not matter once Ashley fulfilled her weeklong dream of milking a cow. You can see the joy in her face.
And honestly, you can see the joy in all of our faces at the conclusion of this wonderful trip. Once again, the band was back together with our matching outfits, and we couldn't have planned a better end. I can't wait until GRILL goes on tour again.