All the men in my life have been two things: an epic and an epidemic.

Yesterday, I had an epic day.

It started when Milo and I drove up to Sandy. Also, I was only wearing long johns on my bottom half. Don't worry about it. I let him sit on the seat, even though he's not supposed to sit on the furniture, because he was very cramped on the floor.

We picked up Brian at the TRAX station (okay, the Target nearby) and drove to his parents' house where he made us an epic breakfast. An 8-egg omelet, bacon, pumpernickel rye toast and hot chocolate were on the menu. While Brian gathered warm clothing, I walked Milo around the block and he encountered about eight million barking dogs. We then stopped at my house, and while I gathered warm clothing, Brian ate lemon cake (okay not really, he helped).

Then, we went snowshoeing.

It was epic. Brian's snowshoes had dog vomit all over them, we didn't really know why. But we drove up American Fork Canyon as far as we could go, got super bundled up (too much, in hindsight) and headed up a path that was super steep at the beginning. We didn't go very far because I wanted to stop and talk every approximately three minutes. It was super super pretty though, with all the pines trees that had a little snow and for some reason rushing water and mountains. When there was nothing cool-looking in sight after about an hour we turned around and headed back down. That wasn't exhausting but I wanted to stop about as often.

We went to my house and while I showered Brian made us lunch. I was only kind of wearing a shirt when I came down to eat it but I put one on quickly, don't worry about it. We had chicken noodle soup and crackers. Then we went to Brian's house and while he showered, I played lateral thinking games and ate warm gingerbread cookies with his parents and younger brother, Jim. Jim loves when I come over.

We were planning to go to an epic furniture store (Ikea, of course, where else?) but we didn't think we'd have time. Instead we drove to Brian's apartment so he could change out of genie pants (don't worry about it) into regular pants. Then he suggested we take the TRAX to the movie instead of driving. I'm a little nervous about Salt Lake's public transportation but I accepted. We walked a mile to the stop (it was very cold but I was wearing this beautiful new red coat with gold buttons so it wasn't too bad) and rode to Sandy.

What we experienced there was epic.

We ate dinner at The Mayan, where they have these divers wearing almost nothing jumping into tiny pools from so high up. The food was good (the guacamole was epically expensive) but the atmosphere was great. And epic.

Then, we saw Avatar. In a 3D Imax experience. I wasn't really really excited about it, but it was much better than I expected. Even though it was epically long, I never got bored (okay, I fell asleep for a short while during the last 20-minute battle scene, but I always fall asleep during movies so that's actually really impressive) and the 3D was sweet and the blue people are so hot (okay, that was just the buzz in the bathroom when I left).

We rode the TRAX back to Salt Lake, took a short bus ride to Brian's apartment so we didn't have to walk, and he made me hot chocolate.

The end.