Some call it Autumn, others call it God

That poetry test I was studying for last time I blogged: 95.5%. So worth it.

I'm going on a mission! To the Chile Antofagasta mission. I enter the MTC February 10. This is my mission call, before I opened it obviously.

I'm dating a boy named Brian. We are old friends from high school. Newspaper besties, if you will. This is us somewhere at the U, where he attends school.

Life is as insane as ever. And my phone is broken. And my car has been broken all semester. And my computer is afflicted by viruses. Don't try to contact me, you probably won't succeed. Sorry.


  1. Your life sounds perfect. Except for the part at the end. But who really needs technology? Especially when you have a misison call and a boyfriend.
    p.s. I appreciate the pictures and the spacing. It was very easy and pleasant for me to read :)

  2. I totally dig your blog! And congrats on both things. :) Way exciting.


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